12 useful kitchen tips and tricks

12 useful kitchen tips and tricks
Most people don't understand how the kitchen works. They rely on the recipes of others and often this means that these 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks that could be used by them to improve the quality of their cooking is either unknown or is little known. This blog will be about 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks and the little known secrets used by professionals. These 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks aren't just to show off the chef's skill but to give an insight into how the kitchen works. The goal is to help readers take advantage of these 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks. Cooking is the most expensive hobby in the world. A good cook can eat like a king, but a bad cook can easily spend a fortune on food. That's why it's important to learn how to cook properly. This blog is a collection of easy to follow these 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks on how to cook in your kitchen Cooking doesn't have to be a laborious task. With 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks, you can get you food cooking in a snap. As we near the end of the year how about some new kitchen tips and tricks? For Example: How to: Make the most of your Kitchen Hardware Guide: Kitchenware Some of my Favorite Kitchen Tools Some Interesting Kitchen facts A few interesting kitchen facts: 1. The average refrigerator has 32 feet of food in it. 2. The average kitchen has about $700 of equipment. Learn all the 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks and step by step instructions to help you cook food. From healthy cooking and delicious food. We have 12 useful kitchen tips and tricks then this blog is for you. We will look at hosting a dinner party, tips to make cooking easier, how to make the best macaroni gratin and lots more. If you are wondering how to make something then I am sure you will find the answer here. Step by Step instructions

Let's know around 12 useful Kitchen tips and tricks:-

1. If you wan to cook delicious food then you should go to the kitchen only when your heart desires. Because my experience says, if you try to cook food under someone's pressure, then you will not be able to cook delicious food. But if you go to cook when your heart allow, believe me you can cook testy food.
2. If you want to store the greens for a long time, then you can cover that greens completely in a plastic and keep it in the that you can easily store that greens for seven to eight days.
3. Do you want to store pointed gourd for long time? If yes then firstly cut the pointed gourd and cover that properly in a plastic and keep in the fridge. So that you will be able to easily store that for ten to twelve days.
4. Do you find it hard to peel the garlic? If yes then make it easy, simply take a knife and cut the garlic lengthwise from the center in two parts and remove the peel easily.
5. Stop being afraid to fry the egg, just when you go to fry the egg, keep in mind that after the oil is hot, before you put the egg in the oil, reduce the flame of the fire and fry the egg in the same low flame, so that you will be able to fry the egg easily and will never be afraid to fry the egg again.
6. Before cutting the jackfruit, apply mustard oil well in your hands then cut the jackfruit so that its glue does not stick in your hands.
7. After cutting raw bananas, if you leave it for two to three minutes then it takes a black layer on it. So stop doing this mistake and simply do one thing, whenever you use to cut the banana just mix turmeric in bananas properly, so that the black layer can not be on that.
8. If your vegetable is over salted then to reduce it, just knead a table spoon of flour and make a ball and give it to that vegetable and then according to your test, you can add salt to that vegetable.
9. If your vegetable becomes too spicy, then to fix it, just add one to two tablespoons of butter to it and then keep your according spicy.
10. Do you try to store lemon juice for long time but it gets spoiled? So do not worry, to store lemon juice for long time, add salt to it and do not need to worry about your juice will be salty because it helps you to store juice for long time only and it does not makes your juice salty.
11. Do you want to peel ginger without using knife? then your solution is, you can peel ginger easily with the help of spoon.
12. Never put mangos and bananas in fridge because it harms your fridge, your fridge can be damage but you can put raw mangos and bananas without any fear of fridge damage.
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